COVID info ­čŽá
We are here for you - all info at a glance

We are very pleased that you are taking a look at this page. Here we inform you about our opening hours, hygiene measures, everything worth knowing about the current Corona situation and how we deal with it at Coworking Nuremberg. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by email at mail[at] or by phone at +49 911 495 22 110.

Opening hours

The coworking space is currently open on a regular basis from Monday to Friday. For coworkers the door is open from 08 am, from 10 am we from the team are there to welcome guests. In the afternoon, we are available until 4 pm - afterwards, for coworkers, the last one turns off the lights.

Book meetings & conference room ­čĺ╝

The meeting room is available for booking for business meetings. Instead of the regular capacity of eight people, we currently only accept bookings with a maximum of four people. This allows to keep the distance between the meeting participants. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide catering, but we will be happy to organize a delivery service for you.

All surfaces in the meeting room are disinfected several times a day, there is a large window for regular ventilation and, in addition, the meeting room is equipped with a ventilation unit that even filters viruses and bacteria from the air thanks to UV-C rays.


Coworking is generally possible. New tickets can also be booked. All workstations in the Space are disinfected several times a day, desks facing each other are separated by a transparent wall and there is always a desk free/locked between adjacent seats. So you can be sure that you always keep enough distance to other people. In addition, there are two large ventilation units in the work area and the lounge, which even filter viruses and bacteria from the air thanks to UV-C rays. We've also built in smart technology that sends a push notification to our team when the CO2 level in the air exceeds a certain limit and ventilation is needed. Finally, please wear a mask when moving around the coworking space, you can take it off at your desk.


Unfortunately, there are no user groups, meetups or workshops taking place at this time. At the moment it is not foreseeable when this will change again.

  • If you want to participate in a Usergroup or Meetup, please contact the organizers digitally via website or the group.
  • If you would like to organize a user group or Meetup, please send us an email. We'll be happy to organize your slot and the frequency of your Meetup, optimistically and in full anticipation. This way, as soon as the situation changes, we can get started right away.
  • We are eagerly awaiting the next community event that can take place again. Until then, coworkers meet irregularly for coffee chats in video conferences or in the Coworking N├╝rnberg Slack Community. If you want to join too, drop us an email and we'll be happy to add you.

Hygiene concept ­čž┤

What we do:

  • In the Space, in addition to the usual cleaning measures, we will clean tables, door handles, distribution plugs, light switches and surfaces in the Community Kitchen several times a day with disinfectant
  • User groups, meet-ups and events with larger numbers of visitors are cancelled for the time being
  • Not all workstations are available (one space gap)
  • If the available workstations are occupied, we will give a "Full" alert via the Coworking Slack community so that no one makes their way into the space unnecessarily. If spaces become available, we will also give an alert via Slack
  • The kitchen area behind the counter will only be accessed by coworking staff members
  • The coffee machine is operated exclusively by coworking employees
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in front of the entrance door and in front of the restrooms

What you do:

  • We place disinfectant outside the door of the space. Please use it before you touch the entrance door to the coworking space
  • Once you arrive at the coworking space, please wash your hands thoroughly as a first step
  • Keep your distance from each other - during conversations and when choosing your seat
  • Note the "no go area" kitchen area. We at the Space will be happy to prepare your coffee or fill your water carafe
  • Please wear a mask when you get up from your workstation
  • Avoid touching your face and cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Unfortunately, the risk of infection has not been eliminated yet. If you feel you are getting ill, have a fever, cough and/or breathing problems, be sure to stay home. We from the coworking space team also reserve the right to send you home in case of doubt if you show cough symptoms or similar